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Get ideas and recipe ideas for cooking with zucchini

Zucchini – A seasonal celebration

Zucchini has got to be one of our favourite vegetables. It’s such a great all-rounder and has a permanent place in our fridge (when it’s in season). Delicious alone, with sauce, alongside meat or in a quinoa salad – this veg is a winner in our books.

Autumn is upon us and that means Zucchini season, they are in abundance, so what should you look for when purchasing a zucchini? The general gist of my research is to look for one that’s not too long, without bumps and blemishes. It should also look a bit shiny and have firm skin.

We all know where to get our zucchinis from. Do you know how to best store them? I have scoured the internet and the best tips seem to be:

1. Store in a fridge for four days at the max (or keep them for nearly a year in the freezer!)

Fresh zucchini is the perfect addition to salads, soups or even grated in your pasta bake

2. Don’t wash till you’re ready to eat.

3. If it starts to look a little wilted or loose some of its brightness, eat it right away.


To kick off Autumnal eating this year I made an enormous Frittata jam packed with veggies, it really conjured up the seasonal feeling.

To help get you in the Autumn mood… here are our top ten recipes using zucchini to click though to:



Quinoa Salad With Lamb Cutlets Recipe

Quinoa Salad With Lamb Cutlets – From Everyday Delicious Kitchen


Cheesy Corn and Zucchini Muffins Recipe

Cheesy Corn and Zucchini Muffins – From Dairy Australia


Zucchini slice recipe

Zucchini slice – From Vitasoy


Zucchini Soup Recipe

Zucchini Soup – From KitchenAid


Cheesy Layered Vegetable Bake Recipe

Cheesy Layered Vegetable Bake – From Perfect Italiano


Ratatouille Lasagne Recipe

Ratatouille Lasagne – From Perfect Italiano



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