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Your guide to perfect scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs are an all-time favourite breakfast. Although there is nothing wrong with scrambled eggs on toast for dinner. For even creamier, softer and smoother scrambled eggs check out this guide to perfect scrambled eggs.

Tips to remember 
  • Whisking your eggs vigorously before cooking them will allow for fluffier scrambled eggs.
  • Your eggs will continue to cook for a few moments after you transfer them to the plate. So cook them to the point just before you like them and by the time you eat them, they’ll be perfect.
  • When adding additional ingredients such as tomatoes and onions which contain a lot of water, this can throw off the timing, and your eggs may come out watery. To prevent this sauté these ingredients separately to cook off the water before adding them to your eggs.
  • Use a non-stick pan, this will this make it easier to push your eggs around the pan and help prevent them catching on the base.
  • Also it’s easier to push and pull the eggs in the pan if you use a pliable and heat resistant silicone spatula.
Perfect Scrambled Eggs: 3 eggs 

In the video below, you’ll see three different ways to enjoy scrambled eggs. There is one for every household and occasion. From everyday scrambled eggs to soft, creamy and cheesy eggs, plus a quick and super-easy microwave version.


Scrambled eggs recipes to try







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