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You put what on your fruit toast?

Lightly spiced, full of juicy dried fruit and the perfect answer to those 10.00am stomach grumbles, fruit toast makes a quick, flavoursome snack or breakfast provision to keep on hand.

And, until we put the call out to our myfoodbook community, fruit toast was a food we assumed was loved by all. As you’ll discover, below, we soon found out that there are in fact some who aren’t in the fruit-toast-loving club, and some who slather their toasts with some very interesting topping combinations!

Of our community, 166 of you shared your opinions and preferences. And, of the 206 fruit toast topping votes you made, seven people expressed their distaste for fruit toast. Although some of you opt to spread your fruit toasts with some interesting ingredients – five of you love a bit of Vegemite with your fruit toast! – and some lovely sweeter pairings – jam, honey and peanut butter – there was one very clear winner.

Drum roll, please … at a whopping 99 votes (nearly half of you) voted for butter! So, it seems the classic combination is still the favourite among myfoodbook’s community!

Is butter not your favourite fruit toast topping? See what other people voted for to see if your favourite was a popular choice.

Check out the infographic below to see how other people top their fruit toast …

Keep your eyes peeled for more kitchen-related questions on our Facebook page to vote for your favourite foods and to find out what other foodies are enjoying!

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