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Why you should eat more lettuce

Time was, you wouldn’t dream of having a salad without lettuce as the base. Cos, iceberg, butter lettuce, you name it, you dressed it, usually with a vinaigrette or a splash of balsamic. Like most of our food staples – think sweet potato and avocado – lettuce is having a renaissance, and for good reason. Here’s why you should eat more lettuce.

Lettuce is good for you

A lot of people ask, what are the benefits of eating lettuce? Well for starters it’s high water content makes it nice and refreshing. But it’s also a surprisingly good source of nutrients including vitamin C, calcium and folate. Even more surprising is that even iceberg lettuce has its benefits.

Which lettuce is the best to eat?

When it comes to leaves, the greener or darker the better. Also, that
hint of bitterness or sharpness you taste in some leaves is a sign of their nutrient density.

Lettuce leaves such as rocket, cos, radicchio and baby spinach should be high up on your salad menu. But don’t completely disregard  butter lettuce or iceberg lettuce as they still play a role in keeping you healthy.

How can I eat more lettuce apart from the usual salad? 

The shape of cos and iceberg lettuce leaves lend themselves wonderfully to being cups for holding other food. Think the Chinese restaurant classic, sang choy bau. You can also use leaves to roll up your food, like a fresh summer roll. Or go for something a little bit different like serving up a nice crunchy wedge of lettuce with a rich, creamy dressing or fully loaded with bacon bits and shaved cheese.

Lettuce recipes to try…






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