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Marinade ingredients for lamb, garlic and rosemary marinade

The guide to marinating meat, seafood and vegetables

Marinating isn’t just for the Sunday roast. It’s a fabulous way to add flavour, and for some meats, create a lovely and tender result.

Even if it’s just for your weekly stir-fry or for a fresh piece of fish, marinating creates a meal base that can be so easily built upon throughout the cooking process.

See our full guide to marinating with tips and tricks for creating incredible and flavourful meat, seafood and veg!

What is marinating?

Marinating is the process of “soaking” meat, poultry, seafood or vegetables prior to cooking, in a liquid, usually one that is acidic or has strong flavours.

An alternative technique to marinating is dry-marinating, or applying what is called a dry-rub to meat and poultry. Usually a combination of spices and herbs, dry-rubs apply a strong flavour to proteins and are perfect prior to barbecuing.

What is in a marinade?

Marinades are usually made up of one acidic ingredient such as lemon or vinegar, one oil based ingredient such as olive oil and other fresh ingredients like garlic and herbs. This is a general rule however, as marinades can be made using a wide range of ingredients! In fact, what can take your marinade up a notch, is an element of salty or sweet. Maybe it’s fish or soy sauce in Asian-Style marinades, worcestershire sauce for slow-cooking or dijon for a roast.

How to marinate for meal prep

Marinating is an easy way to start off simple meal preparation. Using chicken as an example, buy two or more kilos of breast pieces and separate them into individual (or family) portion sizes in freezable bags.

Apply a simple marinade such one with olive oil, garlic and lemon to the freezable bags, seal and transfer to your freezer.

With these portions stocked in the freezer (18°C), you always have a simple dinner or lunch on hand.

Make sure to always follow the handling guidelines when freezing, de-frosting and preparing.

How long should you marinate meat, seafood and vegetables?
Ingredient Type/Cut Time
Beef, lamb or pork Steaks, cutlets, chops or dice 30 mins – 4 hours
Beef, lamb or pork Whole cuts such as shoulder, leg, belly 4 hours – overnight
Poultry Breast, thigh, drumsticks 30 mins – 2 hours
Poultry Whole bird 4 – 12 hours
Seafood Prawns, Octopus, bugs, squid, etc 15 – 30 minutes
Fish Fillets 30 minutes – 1 hour
Fish Whole fish 1 hour
Vegetables Eggplant, zucchini, mushrooms, etc 30 minutes
Marinade ideas 
Easy marinade recipes to make in a personal blender


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