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Why all the fuss about Matcha green tea

The world seems to have gone matcha mad. We all know that food fad trends come and go but matcha and green tea powder are proving to outlive their assumed short-lived popularity! Of course, cafes and restaurants have been serving matcha lattes and matcha tea for quite some time now, but matcha is no longer reserved just these things. It’s now making an appearance in everything from French desserts to ice-cream and curries.

What is matcha?

Matcha is a stone-ground powered green tea used in traditional Japanese tea ceremonies. When drinking or eating matcha you are actually consuming the whole powdered leaves, which means it is super strength. It neither looks like nor tastes like another other kind of tea.

Matcha generally has a similar flavour to regular green tea, only more full bodied and earthy. Matcha will also give you a caffeine buzz, mellowed by the tea’s high antioxidant contents.

 How to prepare matcha

For the traditional matcha option, sift about one teaspoon of matcha into a large tea cup. Don’t skip this process, because the strainer breaks up the clumps and leads to a creamier and frothier matcha. Then, add a small amount of hot water (not boiling) and quickly whisk the matcha until it becomes frothy. Traditionally you would use a bamboo whisk with superfine tines, however using a small whisk will also do the job. Then, enjoy your matcha tea!

Matcha is also used as an ingredient for food or other drink recipes. Try matcha powder in a smoothie, blended with yoghurt or ice-cream, and even in your morning porridge or evening soup! The options are endless…

Where to buy matcha?

Matcha can now be purchased in most trendy cafes, as they have delved into the matcha cult and are now serving lattes of this green tea variety. You can also purchase matcha powder at most good health food stores, chemists and even select supermarkets.

Matcha Green Tea Recipe

See if matcha is for you by trying this matcha green tea smoothie