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Why sweetcorn should be at your next bbq

When the barbecue is fired up, it’s time for sweetcorn to shine. As a side to grilled steak, chicken or seafood, sweetcorn brings its golden sweetness to the table. But that’s not all it brings. Sweetcorn also holds its own in the nutrition department. Here’s why sweetcorn should be at your next bbq.

Whether you buy it whole in the husk or cut into cobettes, sweetcorn is versatile and delicious. There’s nothing like biting into the sweet corn kernels, no wonder it’s always such a hit with kids.

But did you know that as well as being delicious it’s also highly nutritious?

Health benefits of sweetcorn
  1. High fibre: sweetcorn is a good source of fibre and insoluble fibre, so great for gut and digestive health.
  2. Vitamin-rich: it’s packed with B vitamins and vitamin C
  3. High in antioxidants: like carrots, sweetcorn’s yellow colour hints that it contains beta-carotene and other beneficial nutrients.
  4. Low calorie: despite its name, sweetcorn actually contains less than a quarter of the sugar of an apple and it’s low-cal.
Recipes to include sweetcorn at your next bbq






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