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Why roasts shouldn’t be reserved for weekends

The table is laid, your favourite roast veggies are plated alongside a generous helping of crispy roasted potatoes ready to serve, piping hot gravy sits in its pouring dish; and, the star component, perfectly cooked chicken rests on a tray, awaiting hungry mouths. Roasts with all the trimmings sound like the meals of slow Sundays and leisurely days at home. For too long, roasts have been reserved for weekends – and regarded as too difficult for weekdays.

But, it needn’t be this way. There are a number of easy ways you can simplify your roasts for weeknight noshing and save having the oven running for hours on end. You can bring the warmth and flavours of roasts to your kitchen every day. Here’s how:

  • Choose vegetables that require less time in the oven: if you’d like to enjoy your roast chicken with a side of steaming vegetables, consider choosing vegetables that take less time in the oven. Rather than heavier root vegetables, you could roast broccoli, cauliflower and Brussel sprouts – rather than pumpkin, for example. You could also try doing stove-top veggies, including red cabbage, green beans, peas and steamed carrots, which pair perfectly with roast chicken, instead of oven-baking your sides. If you’d still prefer to roast root vegetables, cut your chosen veggies into small pieces that will cook much faster than large, whole portions. You might also like to whip up a mash instead of slow roasted potatoes for a weeknight meal.
  • Opt for Read-For-You To Roast chicken pieces: for the same flavoursome chicken, without the hours-long roasting, plus preparation process, choose Ready-For-You to roast chicken pieces that can be ready to devour in under an hour.
  • Make shortcuts where possible: as delicious as homemade, from-scratch gravy can be, for a speedier weeknight roast a simple ‘just add water’ gravy will certainly do the trick. Your dining companions or family will be none-the-wiser.
  • Select quality over quantity: if you’re the type of cook who likes to present their Sunday roast guests with a buffet-style selection of side dishes and desserts, consider picking your star dishes and keeping it simple during the week. Serve your roast chicken with two of your favourite veggie dishes, and enjoy more time to spend feasting with your family or friends.
Ready-For-You to Roast 

On this handy page from our new Winter Warmers Foodbook, see how easy it is to get ready for weeknight roast dinners with Lilydale’s new Ready-For-You To Roast portions.

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