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How to make the perfect foolproof 30 minute dinner using eggs

There really isn’t a more versatile ingredient to always have on hand other than eggs. Keeping your fridge stocked with a carton at all times you can rest easy knowing that a quick and easy dinner is always at your finger tips.

Eggs can be enjoyed beyond the breakfast table. They’re also fast, and a great binder for other ingredients, which you can turn into a delicious meal the whole family will love.

Why eggs are the ultimate quick-fix dinner
  • Eggs won’t break the bank: plus a standard carton of a dozen will easily provide you with a few quick dinners throughout the week.
  • They are a pantry staple: most households will always have a carton on hand which makes them an easy reach for quick dinners.
  • They can turn practically any leftover into a main meal: any leftover roast veggies or meats, can turn into a frittata.
  • Eggs are extremely versatile: there are more ways to cook and prepare eggs than we can possibly count. Scrambled, poached, fried, baked and boiled – your choice!

So if you’re in a dinner rut, why not try a quick fried rice, with an egg on top or how about a quick and easy pesto pasta with egg? Super simple and the family will love them. Plus if there is leftovers take them for lunch the next day.

Easy and quick egg recipes to try 







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