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Which butter is best for your recipe?

Your first step to creating incredible recipes is to understand your ingredients – and when it comes to cooking with butter you should always know which butter to use. From creating incredible baked goods to achieving a great balance of flavour in savoury cooks, using the correct type of butter is integral.

Not only does the type of butter impact flavour, it can also impact texture, rise and the overall product of the recipe. For example, when too much salt is added to baked goods, they may not become as light and fluffy as desired.

Here is our guide to which butter is best for sweet baking, savoury cooking and when you cook with caramel and chocolate:

Know which butter to use for which recipe to ensure that you get a good result, every time.


It is also important to know which form your butter should be in for your recipes. Some recipes will call for melted butter others room temperature butter and some for cold. Here are the reasons:

Why you need to use melted butter 

During the melting process, the butter releases it’s water content. Therefore, when used in cooking and in particularly, baking, you will get a nice and soft result.

Why you need to use room temperature butter 

Room temperature butter is particularly important in baking, and specifically in recipes where you need to cream the butter and sugar together. During the creaming process, the air bubbles are kept in the mixture, resulting in the perfect rise and desired light and fluffy texture.

Why you need to use cold butter 

Cold butter is ideal for recipes that need to become crisp. Cold butter will separate the layers of flour, creating the ultimate flakey texture in your recipe.

When to use spreadable butter

Spreadable butter is incredibly versatile and great for not just sandwiches, toast and treats like hot cross buns. Use spreadable when making mashed potatoes, a butter sauce for pasta or even for icing!

Now that you know which butter to use, here are some incredible recipe ideas to create:




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