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What to do when life gives you a whole lot of lemons

It adds zing to everything from your dinners to your desserts, helps keep your morning avocado on toast green and fresh, brings flavour to your water bottle and can even be a useful cleaning agent; lemon is one of the most versatile and useful fruits you can encounter at your local grocer.

Although this zesty yellow citrus is available all year-round, lemon is in its peak season in Australia from June to August. This nifty ingredient works in both savoury and sweet dishes, and is favoured in cuisines all over the world. Even better, no lemon need go to waste when you can use the zest, pulp and juice of lemons in a variety of dishes.

Lemons are full of good-for-you nutrients, and those who eat or drink lemon juice or pulp can expect a nice kick of vitamin C from this fruit. Luckily, lemons trees flourish in Australia, and an abundance of this citrus can be found around the country.

If you’d like to add more lemon into your winter cooking repertoire, put these lemony suggestions to the test.

What do do when life gives you a lot of lemons? Try these recipes 

Add lemon to your seafood dishes. Try this barbecue lemon and oregano mushrooms with prawns recipe, or a lemon and herb fish with sweet potato mash dish.

Pep up your pasta with lemons. Lemon paired with pasta, especially when joined by a dollop of ricotta, forms a perfect match. Test out this ricotta, lemon and mozzarella cannelloni bake, this garlicky salmon pasta with lemon sauce, or this lemon and herb ricotta spaghetti, for starters.

Lemon is just the thing to spruce up a plate of greens, and this Greek-inspired asparagus, these avocado and feta toasts, and these eggs and sautéed greens with lemon zest are prime examples of lemon and greens in action.

When lemon joins your dinner plate, a flavoursome meal is bound to ensue. Get creative with lemons at dinner time with this slow-roasted lamb should with lemon, garlic and rosemary, or perhaps a salmon and lemon caper pizza, a lemon and poppy seed dressing on your salad, or spice-rubbed lamb ribs with mint and lemon yoghurt.

And, to finish, bring tang to your dessert. Allow us to introduce you to these lemon ricotta bliss balls, a classic lemon tart, carrot cupcakes with lemon frosting, these lemon yoghurt pots topped with minted strawberries, some creative lemon ricotta cheesecake waffles, a soft, spongey lemon delicious pudding, and a zesty lemon butter.

More lovely lemon recipes for you to try

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