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What’s in season this Winter

Once again it’s time to welcome in a new season…Winter! When welcoming a new season it’s also time to say hello to a fresh selection of fruits and vegetables which are at their seasonal best.

Que hearty root vegetables, sweet citrus, plump strawberries, golden pumpkins plus many more.

Just think of a decadent lemon meringue pie, a gorgeous pumpkin pasta bake and even a winter crunch salad with egg, roasted pumpkin and crunchy prosciutto.

Don’t let the cold weather keep you from enjoying fresh produce. During June, July and August you will find the following produce readily available in your supermarket or green grocer.

Plus other benefits of eating in season is the produce taste better and it’s budget friendly, because the farmers are harvesting a large abundance of produce due to the crop being in season, so the cost will go down. Also eating in season means the produce has a higher nutritional value, as they’re being consumed closer to harvest.

Have at the at this colourful page of some of the most popular in-season winter fruits and veggies.




Must-try wintery recipes 








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