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Whats in season this Autumn

We may be waving good bye to stone fruits for another year and sending off our friend the watermelon plus many others, but now Autumn is here we can welcome in a fresh and fabulous list of Autumn fruits and vegetables.

Que crisp and crunchy apples, sweet pears, flourishing cauliflowers, golden pumpkins and leafy spinach.

In this colourful myfoodbook page below it shows some popular fruits and vegetables which are blossoming in all of their seasonal glory and will go perfectly in a wide variety of recipes.

Just think of a steaming banana bread fresh out of the oven, sautéed mushrooms on toast, roasted cauliflower, the list goes on…



During March, April and May you can also find the following produce readily available and ready to be eaten and cooked with.




Delight must-try Autumn recipes 






This feature contains a mix of content from myfoodbook third party content partners and our own opinions.


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