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What our dads taught us about cooking

With Father’s Day just around the corner instead of finding clever breakfast in bed ideas or what gifts to buy dad, let’s reflect on what our dads taught us about cooking and being in the kitchen and handling a barbecue.

Whether it be those nostalgic recipes that remind you of dad, certain kitchen tips dad drilled into you, or what you may have inherited and use in the kitchen today.

Asking the myfoodbook team this year about what their dads’s have taught them about cooking, gave us some great stories.



“My dad taught me that sometimes simple is best, like freshly sliced tomato on buttered toast with just a little salt, and the way fish melts in your mouth when it’s fresh, dusted lightly in seasoned flour and pan fried in a little butter and oil”.






“My Dad taught my how to burn chops and sausages to perfection on the barbie, how to char a marshmallow over the campsite bonfire on some isolated stretch of NSW coastline and how to make the perfect jaffle (also charred over bonfire in a jaffle iron)”.





“If there was one thing I learnt from my dad, that would have to be how to make a seriously delicious bolognese. Dad’s bolognese is one of my favourite meals, still to this day. Also my dad was and still is the barbecue king, but every now and then he will let me takeover, which is quite a privilege and rare occasion. From that, dad always taught me to make sure the barbecue was nice and hot before you start cooking, so your meat gets that nice lovely brown finish”.




“For my dad, food and cooking is all about flavour. He infuses anything he cooks with so much passion and flavour that the simplest meatballs taste remarkable, always fine tuning his seasoning and herb blend to perfection. It’s something I try to always remember – it’s easy to make something simple, taste sensational with just a little love”.





“Unlike most South Africans that barbecued chops and sausages every Sunday afternoon, we grew up on peri-peri chicken. Every week my dad used to perfect his peri peri sauce (with the secret ingredient being a dash of beer of course) and source the best chickens for the coals (the smaller chickens are juicer and tastier when barbecued apparently). He still does it to this day and his chicken will always be one of my all-time favourite meals”.




If you’re looking for some inspiration on what to cook for dad this year, have a look at this delicious meat-licious recipe collection.



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