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The gifts that mum actually wants for Mother’s Day

While some people are all about cars and others have a thing for shoes (okay maybe we’re in that category too), we love a good kitchen appliance.

We know exactly what we want when birthdays and occasions roll around because we have a lust list longer than most people’s weekly shopping list.

Even a new toaster or kettle is enough to send us over the edge… Let alone the holy grail Stand Mixer or a coffee machine. We are basically like kids at Christmas opening the latest technology toy.

And Mother’s Day is no different. We are secretly hoping for something shiny and new for our kitchens. Of course we would be happy with a hand-drawn card or a bath bomb but would a new stand mixer be nice? Yes, yes it would!

Our friends at Breville absolutely understand where we are coming from, so we love that customers who have purchased a Breville product this month, have the chance to win 1 of 10 Kitchen Appliance collections. And not just any collection, a Luxe collection.

Gleaming gold appliances fit for the most pristine of cooks. A stand mixer that can turn out a classic sponge with ease, a coffee machine that puts your local barista to shame, a toaster that well, is not just your ordinary toaster and a kettle that creates the perfect cup of tea.

See below for the full terms and conditions of the competition, and details on how to enter into the draw to win this incredible prize.*This competition ended on the 1/5/17

This Breville Luxe Collection features the gifts that mum actually wants for Mother's Day. Enter for your chance to win this stunning prize

The Breville Luxe Collection is what mum actually wants for Mother’s Day this year

Here’s a look at what you could be creating with your prize…


The new Mother's Day Foodbook 2017




*DISCLAIMER: Breville is a contributing recipe Partner at This feature includes a mix of content sourced from Breville and our own opinions.  Find out more information about Breville.

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