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What mum taught us about cooking

With Mother’s Day just around the corner instead of finding clever breakfast in bed ideas or what gifts to buy mum, lets reflect on what our mums have taught us abut cooking.

Whether it be those nostalgic recipes that remind you of mum, certain kitchen tips mum drilled into you, or what you may have inherited and use in the kitchen today.

Asking the myfoodbook team this year about what their mum’s have taught them about cooking, gave us some great stories.

Carolyn – Director

“My mum used to bake during the day so that when we came home from school the house was filled with wonderful aromas that made home feel like such a happy place”. 

David – Creative Director 

“My Mum taught me to keep my cooking workspace clean and tidy and clean as I go. My Dad’s Mum (Grandma) taught me how to bake, from biscuits to cakes and everything sweet and yummy, she wrote her own baking recipe book I used to cook from it as often as possible as a young boy”. 

Kara – Account Director 

“Using the freshest produce – She would say “your body is a temple and you need to feed it respectfully”… I had no idea what this meant growing up but I remember her dinners always included a side salad and lots of fresh herbs on top of everything. 

Serving dinner “Banquet” style – Mum would plonk down a big pot of pasta, huge leafy salad bowl, whole cob loaves of home-made garlic bread, lasagnas still in pans, on top of wooden boards, tea towels, you name it. This created a sense of generosity and encourages not only second helpings but sharing. I’m sure that every meal was cooked with the hope of leftovers in mind but of course, there never was!

After-school crumble slices – There’s something so wholesome and nourishing about arriving home off the school bus to a home that’s warmed from an oven and smells like baked goods! I’ve never been able to replicate the recipe mum made and she apparently forgets it”. 

Jessie – Content Manager 

“My mum was a simple cook but would only use the highest quality ingredients. In which has seen me do the same in my adult life. Although my mum dosn’t see herself as a great cook, but she used to make all of our birthday cakes from scratch every year. She can make a mean cake. Overall mum has taught me to clean as you go and the fresher the produce the better”.

Dani – Food Director 

“There’s no way I could get by without my mum’s ‘brodo’ or Italian broth recipe. Taught to her by her mum and now almost a weekly bowl of comfort whatever the weather – and especially when we’re under the weather. Thanks mum!”. 


If your looking for sweets to bake for Mum this year, look into this irresistible collection of recipes.


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