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What is the best cheese for homemade pizza

One of the hallmarks of a great pizza is the cheese. And surprisingly, this is one of the hard things to get just right. Dry and chewy is a no no, as is greasy blobs of cheese that slide right off the base. And no one wants cheese that’s plasticky and tasteless. It’s all about getting the perfect balance of texture and flavour. So what is the best cheese for homemade pizza?

Which cheese pleases on pizzas?

Cheese is the star of the pizza show. However, use the wrong kind and things can go pear-shaped pretty quickly. What you want to achieve is the perfect stretch, balance of flavour and a consistency that isn’t oily.

The best way to do this is by using the perfect blend of grated cheeses – mozzarella, cheddar and a hint of parmesan. Each cheese plays a different role; mozzarella gives you a wonderful stretch and melt, cheddar adds a great cheesy flavour and the parmesan provides an authentic sharpness.

Perfect Italiano’s Perfect Pizza cheese combines all three cheeses to create a delicious and authentic pizza every time.

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*DISCLAIMER: Perfect Italiano is a contributing recipe Partner at myfoodbook.com.au. This feature includes a mix of content sourced from Perfect Italiano and our own opinions. You can find out more about the full range of Perfect Italiano Cheese, here.


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