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The best cuts of meat for slow cooking

There really is nothing more comforting than coming home to the scent of a slow-cooked meal, ready to tuck into.

Whether you prefer hearty stews, chunky soups or perhaps gently spiced curries, there are endless slow cooking recipes to select from to suit all tastes and dietary needs. But, when it comes to slow cooking meaty fare, which are the best cuts of meat to use?

The good news is, most types of meat soften up nicely when slow cooked, creating melt-in-your-mouth meals for wintry seasonal feasts. Although, there are some cuts of meat that come out on top.


Overall beef becomes its most tender when allowed to slowly cook for hours at a time, lamb shanks and shoulders are cuts of meat that don’t need to be a laborious weekend cooking project, pork shoulder is one of the cuts of meat that performs particularly well for slow cooking and chicken is a no-fuss slow cooking ingredient; you can leave the bone in your chicken thighs and watch the meat slide off it once cooked.

Now your well-equipped on what meat to use in your slow cooker its time to cook. These beautiful and delicious slow cooker and slow cooked recipes are perfect for weeknights or lazy weekends.

Slow cooker recipes to try 






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