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Different ways to use mango

For thousands of Aussies, the sweet smell of ripe mangoes heralds the start of the long Australian summer. Their ready availability during the summer months, combined with their versatility, makes mango one of the most popular summer fruits.

Enjoyed in combination with other seasonal fruit or simply on their own, mangoes are exotic and deliciously juicy. Use to accompany seafood, add to salads, layer in desserts or use in fresh smoothies, mangoes are in season and the perfect fruit to bring you into the summer months.

When are mangoes in season in Australia?

Mangoes are available from September to March with our best value being from November to January.

Which varieties of mangoes can you find most commonly in Australia?

Kensington Pride (also known as the Bowen)

  • A soft medium-sized (300g – 600g) mango with golden flesh
  • Sweet, tangy flavour
  • Rich orange skin tinged with a pink or red blush
  • Available from late September to March


  • Particularly firm fibreless flesh
  • Full, sweet flavour
  • Smooth deep orange blushed skin, it’s firm flesh is well-suited for use in salads
  • Available from late September to March


  • Large (600g – 1kg) round mango
  • Firm lemon-yellow flesh with a deep orange skin tinged with an orange-red blush
  • Sweet, mild flavour
  • Available from November to February

Honey Gold

  • Firm, juicy flesh with a rich, sweet flavour
  • Golden apricot-yellow colour
  • Firm fibreless flesh makes the Honeygold the perfect choice for salads and smoothies, and for eating fresh
  • Available from November to March
How to select a mango

Select firm, bright mango with a distinct pleasant aroma. Colour should be characteristic of variety.  Avoid mango with black or soft spots.

How to store mangoes

Ripen at room temperature. Store ripe fruit in the vegetable crisper or in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.  Use within 3 days.

How to prepare mangoes

Peeled just prior to eating, ripe mango skin will easily pull away from the flesh.  Eat peeled out of hand or cut cheeks from mango, cutting close to the stone.

Mango nutrition
  • Great source of Vitamin C
  • Good source of beta carotene which the body converts to Vitamin A
  • Source of dietary fibre
Ways to use mango

Incredible as a sweet addition to savoury dishes like salads and tarts, perfect as a breakfast addition in smoothies and smoothie bowls and ideal for summer desserts. Try sweet ideas like trifles, gelato and of course, one of the best ways to use mango; pavlova!


Try different ways to use mango in this recipe collection






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