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Ways to use leftover pumpkin this Halloween

With Halloween around the corner, super-sized pumpkins are appearing in supermarkets, ready to be carved into spooky Jack O’ Lanterns. But what to do with all that glorious pumpkin flesh once Halloween has come and gone. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Full of beneficial nutrients, pumpkin is an everyday super-hero. Plus its sweet, nutty flavour lends itself perfectly to a range of recipes.

Ways to use leftover pumpkin 

Appetisers and salads 

One of the best ways to cook pumpkin is to roast it until it’s golden and sweet. Then you can use it as a core ingredient in light and bright summer meals such as a roast pumpkin salsa that will kick off any summer barbecue in style.

The versatile flavour of pumpkin also makes it perfect for summer salads. Combined with the sweet and salty combination of soy sauce and honey, it will transform a simple salad into the star attraction at your next gathering.



Avocado Pumpkin salsa




If you’re time poor and find yourself with more pumpkin than you know what to do with, turn the leftovers into a soup. A good pumpkin soup calls for about 1 kg of pumpkin and can be flavoured with spices to suit whatever palate. While we usually associate soups with winter, pumpkin soup can be easily frozen ready for when you’re in need of a comforting bowl of goodness whatever time of year.


Sweet treats 

When it comes time for dessert, there are still plenty of ways to make use of your leftover pumpkin. Whether it’s adding beetroot to brownies or sweet potato to biscuits, using a wide range of different fruits and veggies in sweet treats is increasingly popular as we discover how they add to the texture and intensity of flavour.

The natural sweetness of pumpkin makes it a perfect option for those who prefer subtle flavours to super-sweet desserts. A pumpkin spice cake is a crowd pleaser. You can keep it simple or dress it up for a special occasion.

For everyday enjoyment, moist and light pumpkin scones are just the ticket for afternoon tea, and this recipe, below, is a winner with the kids.


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