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Four different ways to eat persimmons

Originating in China, Persimmons are an ancient fruit that dates back thousands of years. Now cultivated in over 2000 countries, they have certainly made their way across the world. Which may be a surprising fact, as many Aussies, are yet to even try this exotic Autumn fruit.

Albeit exotic, this old fashioned fruit is the perfect seasonal extra to add to your next dessert, salad or even as a dressing. So get selecting while they are still in season this Autumn.

What is a persimmon?

Persimmons are similar to a tomato in the way they look but texturally they can be much firmer and have a deeper orange coloured exterior. In terms of taste, they are quite sweet when picked at their peak!

Varieties of persimmons

Fuyus persimmons

Have a pleasantly firm, mango like flesh. Not overly sweet but hold a hint of floral and spicy tones.  The fuyus account for 90% of the persimmons grown in Australian and can be eaten when they are firm or when they ripen and soften. The riper they get the sweeter they turn.

Hachiyas persimmons

Are slightly larger than a fuyus and are best eaten when it is extremely ripe as the astringency causes a bitter and unpleasant taste.

Why to eat Persimmons?

Persimmons have an unknown versatility about them which offers up a variety of different ways to eat a persimmon. They also:

  • High in fibre and fat free
  • Good source of vitamin C and beta carotene
  • Sweet persimmon contains twice the dietary fibre of an apple and higher levels of many mineral and antiodants

Ways to eat persimmons

Not just fantastic fresh, there are a variety of ways to eat this unique fruit. And with its short window of seasonality, there’s no better time than now to try these ideas:

In a salad

A persimmon is an easy option to spice up and give a lovely texture your dish. For an even more colourful and nutritious salad try it with persimmons and automatically add something delicious to your salad. Try this Persimmon and Herb Chicken Salad and you will pleasantly suprised.



Persimmons are great to add to a cake or muffin as they provide an extra bounty of sweetness and create a pleasing texture to a cake or muffin recipe. This Persimmon Cake with Cream Cheese Icing will for sure be a crowd pleaser at your next dinner party.


Also try the Low Fat Persimmon muffin recipe for a healthy dessert, snack or perfect for kids lunch boxes.



Another easy way to eat a persimmon is poached. Poaching is a simple and effective method to enhance the persimmons natural flavour and texture. Try this Lime Poached Persimmons and White Chocolate Mousse recipe for an easy and different way to eat a persimmon.


In a dressing

Persimmons are also a great and easy accompaniment to try in your next salad dressing. It provides a beautiful sweetness that works wonderfully in Asian-style dressing. Try the dressing idea in this Vietnamese-Style Poached Chicken Salad.

For more, find the full ‘How to Cook with Persimmons’ guide here.

*DISCLAIMER: Australian Persimmons are a contributing recipe Partner at This article features content sourced from Australian Persimmons and our own opinions. For more information visit the Persimmon website.

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