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These are nacho average recipe ideas: discover 8 surprising ways to add corn chips to your meals

Public service announcement for corn chip fiends: we’ve come up with 8 easy and surprising ways to add your favourite chip to simple, nourishing meals – including breakfast. Nope, this is not a drill. You can now create proper, adult culinary fare for breakfast, lunch and dinner, that include corn chips. These are nacho average corn chip meal ideas.

In this clever page from our new Summer Entertaining Foodbook, it showcases surprising ways you can enjoy corn chips.



Here are more surprising and enticing ways to add corn chips to your meals:

Breakfast Chilaquiles Verdes
A brekkie that’s bound to kick-start your day on a high note, chilaquiles verdes sees corn chips, chickpeas, avocado and eggs brought together in one happy reunion.


What on earth are jarchos? It’s our vibrant lunchtime recipe for health nachos in a jar, of course! Jar + nachos (and fresh salad) equals a lunch to look foward to.


Crunchy Buddha Bowl
If you thought cornchips for lunch meant a naughty sour-cream-laden feast, think again. This bowl of green goodness, lean protein, vibrant veggies and crunchy corn chips is a simple, go-to lunch or dinner for corn chip lovers.


Corn chip sliders with crumbed fish patties
Snack in style with these crispy fish sliders, complete with essentail mini burger ingredients. Serve these up at your next event, or create a delicious snack for one.


Baked chicken tenders salad
Make your hearty salads a far more flavoursome feast with the help of a crunchy corn chip coating on your chicken. Bake your tenders and toss them over your favourite salad vegetables for a salad that would never be accused of being ‘rabbit food’.


Corn chip fish fingers
Not all fish fingers are the freezer-burnt kind. Try these easy homemade fresh fish fingers with a crispy layer of corn chips to finish. These are great for grown-ups, but the young ones in your life will love them too.


Nacho lasagne is a Mexican take on an Italian classic – and, yes, it works! This comforting casserole makes a fabulous Friday night dinner everyone in the house will want to dig into.


Crispy vegetable soldiers
The vegetarian’s answer to fish fingers, this dish resembles tempura veggies – and is an ideal veggie smuggler for fussy eaters in your home. Whether it’s party food or a dinner dish, you’ll be smacking hands away from these tasty strips!


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