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The genius veggie smuggling trick that all parents need to know

For some parents getting their kids to eat their veggies can seem impossible. It can lead to frustrating dinner times that leave them feeling deflated. And while it’s a life stage that will usually pass, those who have kids that feed their broccoli to the pets are always looking for tips and tricks.

So fear not, we have a way a way that will sneak veggies into your favourite weeknight family dinners without the kids even knowing!

Blending… Oh yes, if you haven’t discovered it, you definitely need to. By blending veggies like mushrooms with mince into bolognese or meatballs, you have the perfect vessel to smuggle as many veggies into the dish as you like.


One of the best places for this blending, is in your weekly Spaghetti Bolognese. When you add mushrooms to your bolognese you are also adding an extra serving a veggies to your family meal which will make it much tastier and much healthier! This staple mushroom bolognese sauce can also be used in other recipes like lasagne, sloppy joes and many more.

Another fantastic idea for veggie smuggling is this idea for Thai Pork and Mushroom Meatballs. Asian-Style Meatballs packed with veggie goodness, served in lettuce cups with a drizzle of sweet chilli sauce – you can’t go wrong!


Mushroom Smuggling Recipes to try 

Remember, adding mushrooms to either your next family dinner recipe, dosen’t have to be a challenge. Simply blend up your mushrooms in a food processor which then makes easier to sneak into your next family dinner. It also gets rid of the textural barrier that for many youngsters, is the pure reason that they say a big no to veg.




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