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7 vegetarian finger food favourites

The time for summer entertaining is hotting up. So is the need for fabulous crowd-pleasing finger food. To cater for the increasing number of people going meat free, we’ve turned to the mighty mushroom to create a delicious collection of vegetarian finger food.

Why mushrooms? 

Whether roasted, pan-fried, barbecued or grilled, mushrooms add that umami flavour to a dish. So when you’re making bite-sized food for a party, you want to pack as much flavour into as possible. Enter the mushroom.

Mushrooms are versatile, nutrient-rich and, depending on the variety, are the perfect shape for a mouthful of deliciousness.

Here are 7 vegetarian finger food recipes to try now


Portabella Pizzas









*DISCLAIMER: Australian Mushrooms is a contributing recipe Partner at myfoodbook.com.au. All opinions in this article are our own. For further information on Australian Mushrooms, visit http://www.australianmushrooms.com.au



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