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The Unflappable Hostess

Are you hosting your friends and/or family this New Years Eve? Are you already skipping ahead from Christmas and secretly running through the NYE menu, list of decorations, activities and booze list?

I’m not talking about 1940’s housewife type hostessing, although I did recently come across this excellent little tidbit from The Perfect Hostess, where the author advises a hostess to keep the bathroom stacked with ashtrays and to lie crosswise on the bed with her head dangling over the edge for four minutes before guests arrive to get a rosy glow.

In this day and age we just want to be able to actually BE in the party and have a little bit of fun, at the same time as hosting it. Really it’s all about to be fore-warned is to be fore-armed. Here are some tips to prepare for hosting New Years Eve:

  • Call around your guest list 3-5 days before to check the numbers are still what you had expected.
  • Is plan A having everyone outside or picnicking? Best to make a plan B just in case of rain.
  • Create a simple menu, people have just eaten their body weight equivalent over Christmas so won’t expect gastronomical fireworks.  Make some easy appetisers, barbecued marinated meat and get everyone to bring a salad. Pick up a tart or cake from your favourite bakery, it’s probably going to be too hot for slaving over the oven and will only add time pressure to your day.
  • Give roles to your friends/family so they can help you tidy up your house before the party. A bit of a spruce up will make you feel good about your space and be at peace that you have enough clean glasses.
  • Write down some activity ideas for kids/ grown ups. NYE is one of those nights where something silly goes down a treat. Maybe you have an old favourite game or even something simple like sparklers.
  • Outsource as many jobs as possible. Instead of you picking up a case of bubbly ask your guests to bring a bottle, or ask a few friends to help set up the cocktail bar for you… (make sure you only offer a few varieties though or they’ll never get a break!)
  • Don’t forget the important thing is to make your guests feel comfortable and for you to enjoy your night.

There’s no reason a well organised party can’t actually be a really relaxed occasion. So prep-away and then sit back and enjoy your night.

Have a happy/wild/relaxing/ New Years!


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