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Embrace the #UglyPerfect in meals

Perfect-looking meals have graced our social feeds and magazine covers for years. But according to new research, Aussie cooks are now rejecting the pressure of picture-perfectness in favour of flavour in their mid-week meals.

That’s why Perfect Italiano, teamed with viral vlogger Tanya Hennessy, are encouraging Aussies to embrace the ugly in their delicious dinner creations with an #UglyPerfect movement.

What is #UglyPerfect?

Perfect Italiano has launched the #UglyPerfect movement to celebrate the taste of real food and the beautiful mess of real life. It’s all about enjoying those less-than-perfect looking meals – the gooey, the stretchy and the overflowing dishes – that grace Aussie dinner tables daily.

Celebrity blogger and comedian Tanya Hennessy is helping to kick off the movement with her signature tongue-in-cheek and realistic approach to life.

“I’m both busy and attractive, but not the best chef, so cooking HAS to be easy and of course have cheese involved. I think so many people feel pressure to create meals that look Instagram fancy. But that’s not for me. My theory is if it looks like a two out of ten, I bet it tastes like a ten out of ten,” says Tanya.

Why now? 

The trend for imperfection is on the rise, and influencers like Tanya are sharing more raw and real content than ever before. Make-up free faces, unedited swimwear shots are starting to appear on social feeds and now this #NoFilter movement is making its way into the way we present food with imperfect produce and imperfect looking meals gaining popularity.

Research also shows that the home cook is also ready for a change. A huge 86 per cent of home-cooks aim for empty plates or everyone satisfied at dinner time over a picture perfect plate. About 70 per cent of people surveyed also agreed that the key to a home-cooked meal being perfect is that it tastes delicious.

How do I get on board? 

Perfect Italiano and Tanya are encouraging Aussies to embrace the ‘ugly’ in their delicious creations – the bubbling over lasagnes, gooey mac and cheeses with slight overcooked edges and to share these overflowing moments of cooking joy and #UglyPerfect creations on Facebook.com/PerfectItalianoAU or via Instagram @Perfect_ItalianoAU 

Try these deliciously imperfect recipes and join in the #UglyPerfect movement today!


*DISCLAIMER: Perfect Italiano is a contributing recipe Partner at myfoodbook.com.au. This feature includes a mix of content sourced from Perfect Italiano and our own opinions. You can find out more about the full range of Perfect Italiano Cheese, here.

**Research was conducted through a myfoodbook.com.au survey to 600 respondents nationwide. 

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