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Move over jacket potato: try these three stuffed sweet potato recipes

The jacket potato is synonymous with easy winter cooking – stuffed with cheese and lashings of butter. If you love the idea of a hot potato dinner but want a lighter more nutrient-rich meal that is also full of flavour, it’s time you tried baking a stuffed sweet potato.

Soft, roasted sweet potato filled with wholesome, flavoursome ingredients can create a complete meal to please even the fussiest eaters in your household. And, with the flavour profile of sweet potato lending itself to a whole range of recipes, it’s a great chance to get creative in the kitchen. No matter your favourite cuisine or flavour pairings, there are a large number of combinations you can try.

All you need to do is pop the sweet potato in the oven to bake for around half an hour (or until golden and tender) then stuff with your favourite toppings. If you’d like to try stuffed sweet potato for dinner tonight, we have some fun ideas you can try:

Ready to create a delicious stuffed sweet potato recipe tonight? Here are three delicious ideas …
  1. Sweet potatoes stuffed with pulled pork, kale slaw and chipotle aioli
    Bursting with flavour, colour, fresh veggies and melt-in-your-mouth pulled pork, this recipe puts a modern spin on the classic baked potato dinner.
  2. Sweet potatoes stuffed with char-grilled vegetables, olives and feta
    Fancy a Mediterranean twist on your topping options? Combine olives, feta and char-grilled veggies with pesto and fresh basil to spark interest at the dinner table.
  3. Corn and tuna sweet potatoes
    A family-friendly feed full of delicious and healthy ingredients, and topped with tasty cheese, this is a wonderful wintry meal best served with salad or steamed greens.

 Sweet potato recipes you’ll love …
These stunning stand and stuff sweet potatoes are a easy idea to enjoy a delicious sweet potato dinner or lunch.

Stand and Stuff Sweet Potatoes – Australian Sweet Potatoes


This easy corn and tuna sweet potatoes recipe is an easy lunch or dinner idea.

Corn and Tuna Sweet Potatoes – Australian Eggs


*DISCLAIMER: Australian Sweet Potatoes are a contributing recipe Partner at This article features content sourced from Australian Sweet Potatoes and our own opinions. For more information visit the Sweet Potatoes website.


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