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Make the perfect sandwich with these great sandwich ideas

Top tips for making a great sandwich

So portable and practical, a well-made sandwich makes a great lunch for little kids and big ones too.

Thing is, there are sandwiches and then there are sandwiches. If you want to strive for perfection, we’ve sought a few golden rules for how to make your sandwich truly delicious, thanks to our good friends at Tablelands spreads.


1. Get creative with ingredients

There’s no excuse for a boring sandwich. Use a variety of breads, wraps and rolls plus interesting fillings.  Why not mix it up with a different combination of breads and fillings for every day of the week. For example, mix finely diced celery with boiled eggs and a little mayonnaise.  Add crunch with nutritious seeds like pumpkin or sunflower kernels.

Make sure that you maximise leftovers. Go for variety!  Use meatballs in tomato sauce, roast meats and vegetables in your sandwich fillings. Using a margarine spread will also give your sandwich a creamy texture. When choosing margarines, its best to go with a cholesterol free spread that is low in saturated fat, and ideally contains omega 3.

Here are a few recipes with interesting filling ideas to try…

Looking for interesting sandwich ideas for lunch? Try this collection at

Meatball and Parmesan Baguette, Toasted turkish bread with BBQ chicken, Red Cabbage Slaw with soft-boiled egg on a baguette. Recipes by Tablelands.

2. Tread lightly 

Don’t press the bread too firmly when you apply the spread or else it will tear.  This is where margarine spreads work well.  Place the bread onto a board. Use a flat-bladed knife to lightly coat the bread with the spread, then add the sandwich toppings.  Don’t press down too firmly when cutting the sandwich either, and make sure you use a sharp serrated knife so that the bread is not squashed while slicing.

3. It’s all in the crunch

Give the sandwich extra crunch by adding crisp Iceberg, butter lettuce leaves or shredded carrot.

Ensure that salad greens are washed, dried and then chilled in a plastic bag in the fridge prior to adding to your sandwich fillings.  This will make the salad greens ultra-crisp and retain their crunch.

 4. Layer it right 

Everyone seems to have a preference when it comes to sandwich layering. There are however a few mandatories everyone should follow.

The cheese and deli-meat should go next to the bread as these layers will stop juicy vegetables making the bread soggy.

For example, if using sliced tomato, make sure that its layered in the middle of the sandwich.

Here’s a few recipes to inspire you to layer with perfection…

Sandwiches that are layered to perfection. Get the recipes at

Tuna & Capers sandwich, BLT on a toasted bagel and Sausage sandwich. Recipes by Tablelands.

5. Pack for ultimate freshness 

Ideally sandwiches are made fresh. If you need to make ahead, pack into a chilled lunch box so the sandwich tastes freshly-made.  Nothing is worse than a warm soggy sandwich!

Wrap sandwiches in greaseproof paper or baking paper before placing into the lunchbox or a plastic bag. The protective paper wrapping helps the sandwich to stay at its best.


Special Tips for Kids’ Sandwiches

Getting that lunchbox to come home empty can be a challenge! Here’s a few more helpful hints for kids sandwiches…

1. Serve the right size

Don’t load up fillings so the sandwich falls apart- that’s messy and frustrating for busy kids.

Adjust serving sizes to suit a kid’s appetite.  Toddlers and younger kids prefer crust-less sandwiches that are easy to pick up and eat like finger sandwiches. A smaller serve that is eaten is better than a larger serve left in a lunch box or on a plate!

2. Make it colourful

Kids are attracted to colour….be bold and include a variety of ingredients. Use left-over roast pumpkin or sweet potato and nutritious avocado plus colourful dried fruits like craisins and chopped dried apricots in your sandwich fillings.

3. Cut a variety of shapes

Cut sandwiches differently each day and use a variety of breads.  One day triangles, next day squares and then finger sandwiches and wraps. Keeping the kids guessing will make lunch more fun.


And finally, here’s a few sandwich recipes perfect for the kids…

Looking for sandwich ideas perfect for kids lunches? Try the collection at

Chicken and avocado sandwich, Ham cheese and cucumber sandwich and Creamed corn and ham toasted wraps. Recipes by Tablelands.

There you have it!  We hope these tips inspire you to make your best sandwich ever.

To learn more about Tablelands visit


How to make a great sandwich. Top tips from fillings to layering ideas.

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