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Get tips and ideas for how to cook with lemons plus great zesty recipe ideas

Top tips for how to cook with lemon

Top six tips with Lemons

Is there anything this wonder citrus fruit will not do? It flavours all kinds of cuisine, adds something special to a drink, cleans kitchens and keeps well.

This genius tip on using lemons to banish smelly garlic and onion residue is from Anna Phillips. Anna is a recipe developer as well as a food editor & stylist, so has had her fair share of run ins with lemons and knows the tricks of the trade.

We asked Anna to share her top five uses for lemons:

1. Mix with Herbs: Finally grate the rind on a microplane then mix with finely chopped herbs such as parsley, basil, thyme or oregano and some olive oil, flaked salt & pepper. Perfect to serve with steamed fish, prawns and vegetables.

2. Flavour Pancakes: Finely grate rind and add to pancake batter for added freshness.

3. Freeze for later: Remove the rind/skin from lemons before juicing and freeze to use in tea and cooking later. Alternatively finely grate the rind with a micoplane and freeze in tablespoon amounts wrapped well to prevent freezer burn.

4. Flavour water: Cut slices of lemon and add to still or sparkling water to give a fresh and refreshing taste. It just seems to feel like it’s doing you good too…
Add a little fresh mint too if it’s handy especially in summer.

5. Pair with Lamb: Cooking lemon with lamb a perfect combination. Cut lemon into wedges and cook with roast lamb.  Even better with slow roasted lamb eat the skin and flesh when cooked.

Well! I know I’m feeling inclined to buy a bag of lemons and let them feature heavily in dinner dishes this week.

For inspiration on how to cook with lemon, check out some of these recipes on myfoodbook:


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