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Top tips and treats for fun kids parties

Get inspired for the season of celebration with these gorgeous kids party food ideas as well as some hints and tips for hosting a perfect children's party.
Kids Party cookbook and ideas for games

Top tips and treats for fun kids parties

With the summer school holidays less than a month away, the rain is easing and it’s time to spend more time outdoors. The season of celebration is upon us!

Kids parties can take a lot of planning so our friends at Copha are here to help take some of the stress out of planning the big day with these easy ideas for kids party food, games and tips on how to get organised:

1.) Choose a theme! 

Incorporate favourite movies or books to make them extra excited for their special party. This list of Disney themed parties and ideas like the Pizza Chef theme below are the perfect inspiration.

Perfect kids party theme ideas like little chefs
Via: Kara’s Party Ideas

2.) Decide on the entertainment

Keep games simple with good old choices like Musical Chairs and Egg and Spoon Races to keep everyone involved. And when they start to get tired from all the running around, games like Simon Says and Pass the Parcel are great to cool down with.

FREE Kids Party Cookbook

3.) And of course the most important bit… the food!

Preparing individual, bite sized treats removes the need for knives, forks and even plates. Just pop them on the table and watch them disappear. Here’s some great kids party food recipes to try.

To get the recipes, simply click the images for an immediate download of the Kids Party Cookbook.

Chocolate Crackle Popcorn
Chocolate Crackle Popcorn a light and yummy kids party food cookbook

Chocolate Crackle Popcorn – Copha Kids Party Cookbook. Click image to download

Mini Chocolate Mudcakes
Kids Party Cookbook: Mini Chocolate Mudcakes, rich and delicious a kids party food favourite

Mini Chocolate Mudcakes – Click to download Kids Party Cookbook

Chocolate Custard Profiteroles
Kids Party Cookbook: Chocolate Custard Profiterole a delicious kids party food filled with creamy chocolate

Chocolate Custard Profiteroles – Copha

Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes


Kids Party Cookbook: Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes - gorgeous bite sized kids party food idea

Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes – Click to download Copha Kids Party Cookbook

And be sure to balance out those treats with some filling and healthy snacks, like fruit skewers and fun wraps!

These easy skewers take just moments to prepare – simply thread favourite fruits onto a skewer and serve with natural yoghurt as a dipping sauce.

Download the FREE Kids Cookbook

Mix up treats with fruit sticks: Click to download Copha Kids Party Cookbook

These delicious snacks are simply wholegrain wraps filled with wholesome ingredients like lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and cheddar cheese.


For more party ideas, recipes and tips for special occasions, take a look at Copha’s free cookbook collection ready for you to download, print and store for your next event.

Make the best fun treats for kids parties with the recipes in this gorgeous, free cookbook.

A collection of beautiful, festive treats for Christmas in one pretty, free cookbook.










A collection of classic recipes from grandmas kitchen in this free cookbook Easy Easter Sweet recipes in a lovely, free cookbook.










Happy Cooking !


*DISCLAIMER: Copha is a contributing recipe Partner at All opinions in this article are our own. For further information on Copha’s range of products, visit the Copha website.


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