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Top time saving cooking tips

No matter if you’re already a ninja in the kitchen or you like to plod along. Either way, these following time saving cooking tips will allow you spend less time slaving over the stove and more time enjoying the food with your family.

Some of these tips you may already know and some may be new and extremely helpful, but altogether the tips form a straight line to wasting less time in the kitchen.

Time saving cooking tips 

Read the recipe in full before you start cooking

It’s a no brainer but you might be surprised if you’re rushing to get dinner started you may miss the first step of a recipe which is highly likely to be the most essential. So take a moment to read the recipe through.

Select recipes that will set you up for success

There is no point picking some deluxe recipe that you know is going to take you hours. Stick to what you are comfortable with and you will smash it out.

Choose quick cooking protein

Pick proteins that don’t take hours to cook. Although slow-roasted lamb is delicious, save that for weekends.

Choose in season produce

Choosing in season produce will make everything taste better, resulting in a satisfied family.

Cook once, prepare many ways, and make extra

Cooking a big batch of soup or stew to freeze will solve any weeknight dinner dilemma if nothing has been planned. Freezing leftovers and re-using certain ingredients in meals is a great way to save time and leave less waste.

Tops time saving tips in the kitchen

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Cook more one-pot meals

One-pot meals means one thing…less washing up! Which means more time enjoying your evening in front of the tv or with the family.

Clean as you go

Another great tip to remember is to clean as you go. It will save you the hassle at the end of the meal.

Top time saving tips in the kitchen

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