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Tips to keep your kitchen tidy during the morning rush

Mornings in any household can be whirlwind of getting up, getting yourself and everyone ready and getting out the door. Seeing as the kitchen is where most of the activity happens in the morning, there are a few tips to remember to keep things running smoothly and keep your kitchen tidy.

Tips to keep your kitchen tidy in the morning

Unpack the dishwasher from the night before 

Start each day fresh, meaning if your dishwasher is empty, you can easily clear away dirty breakfast dishes. If you don’t have a dishwasher, be sure to wash your dishes by hand to save them from stacking up. This will no doubt attract unwanted guests over the day.

Utilise your fruit bowl

Having a fruit bowl stocked, can easily speed-up your morning routine. It makes for an easy grab-and-go breakfast.

Have your breakfast utensils ready the night before

Even if you’re not organised enough to do a make-ahead brekky the night before, you can at least get all your bowls and utensils etc ready to go.

Wipe down surfaces 

Give the kitchen bench a good wipe down when breakfast is finished. Or if you’re time poor, try to keep breakfast prep confined to the chopping board. This can then be easily transferred to the sink or bin.



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