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Tips for the perfect picnic

They say to make hay while the sun shines and picnics are the perfect way to to this.It’s a relaxed way to catch up with family and friends during summer. Sitting on a rug, sharing great food and letting the kids go free range away from screens.

But nothing can sully sweet memories like a bout of accidental food poisoning, which can occur when foods aren’t stored or transported correctly. Though we may love the heat, cold meats and seafood, don’t. The following guide is a great check-list of tips for the perfect picnic, including ways to prepare, transport and store all your favourite picnic food.

Tips for the perfect picnic

Keep it cold: be sure you have ice packs fully frozen before placing into the Esky, and throw a bag or two of ice over sealed containers once the food is packed. This will help to keep the temperature right down throughout the day.

Transport BBQ meat: if barbecuing, keep meat in a sealed container and place at the bottom of the esky to ensure no raw juices run onto other foods and contaminate them.

Prepare ahead: Keep salad dressings in jars separate to the salads to dress on location where possible. And if something is tricky to cut or portion out, consider doing this before leaving home.

Keep flies away: don’t forget to pack a gauze throw over, old table cloth or sheet to lay over the food once set out, to prevent spoilage from the ever-present flies.

Don’t forget water: if you are going to an area with no running water, ensure you take some from home for hand washing and any washing up. Also, bring plenty of chilled drinking water, picnics can be thirsty work.

Leftovers: as a general rule in the interest of food safety, if food has traveled to the picnic in an Esky, it is best to discard any leftovers on your return home.


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Chicken and pork terrine with egg centre






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