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Clever tips for freezing, preparing and storing passionfruit

Being passionate about passionfruit is something we don’t take lightly. I mean, it sits atop our famous homemade pavlova, and that’s a competitive spot for any fruit. If that’s not enough to prove it’s glory, then think about passionfruit in a caprioska, or passionfruit dolloped onto greek yoghurt… Just the thought of these fruity treats send us straight into tropical holiday mode!

Sweet and sour, available year-round and easily transformed into a hero dessert sauce, there’s no wonder passionfruit is a favourite ingredient for many foodies.

It’s so versatile to use in the kitchen, and what’s fabulous, is that storing passionfruit is very easy! In fact, it can be stored for up to a month, so if you are in abundance then we have good news!

The infographic below, has clever tips for freezing, preparing and storing passionfruit! From using it in delicious drinks, to making passionfruit into dressing, the ideas for using passionfruit are endless! 

tips and tricks for preparing, freezing and storing passionfruit infographic

 Click here to print this handy infographic

Passionfruit recipes

Pair a perfect passionfruit sauce with great flavours in the recipes below! You’ll be as passionate about passionfruit after you try these ideas like Eton Mess and Tropical Churros!





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