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Hot cross buns recipes

Three ways to fulfil your love for Easter buns

As a nation, we can’t get enough of hot cross buns. With fruit, without fruit, choc chip, and triple choc you name it, we’ll eat it. Well now you can get your hot cross bun Easter fix in even more wonderful ways – as a bun, as a pudding and your new favourite, as a spiced spread to melt over hot golden crumpets. Mmm, you can almost smell the cinnamon.

So pop the kettle on and cradle a tea while you choose which one of these Easter treats you’ll try to create first.


  1. Traditional Hot Cross Buns

When only the original will do, this is the recipe for you. Filled with plump raisins and fragrantly spiced, this fluffy hot cross bun is bang on.


  1. Hot Cross Bun Pudding with Chocolate

You’ll want to make double the quantity of hot cross buns just so you can use the leftovers to put in this deliciously creamy, choc-studded pudding.


  1. Hot Cross Bun Spiced Spread

This is the recipe you never knew you needed but after you’ve made it once, you’ll be raving about it to all your friends. It would also make a cute non-chocolate Easter gift. It’s also the recipe you’ll probably want to keep on hand to enjoy as a treat for other special occasions.


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