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Grilled Peaches filled with Philly make a great summer dessert idea

Three ways to cook stone fruit

It wouldn’t be an Aussie summer without the glorious mess, that is digging in to seasonal fruits. We certainly don’t mind getting a little sticky if it means biting into a juicy nectarine, peach or plum. The sweet flavours of these gorgeous stone fruits aren’t just incredible when eaten fresh, they also shine through when cooked.

It’s often the cooking process that intensifies the sweet, aromatic flavours in the fruit. So if your looking for dessert inspiration around the sunny season, look no further than your fruit bowl.

We have three top ways to cook and prepare your summer fruits, plus ideas for what to serve alongside your stone fruit:

How to cook summer fruits

Stone fruit serving suggestions 

Pick an accompaniment to your stone fruit that highlights the delicate but sweet flavours of your fruit. Great options include; fresh cream, whipped Philadelphia cheese or a fresh scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.

Stone fruit recipe ideas

Perfect for the silly season, these recipe ideas make for the ultimate side dish, a show stopping dessert or a festive drink idea that is ideal for your guests arrival. Find inspiration below for wonderful seasonal recipes:

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