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The versatile vegetable you could be adding to your desserts

The hint may lie in this well-known root vegetable’s name, but many of us have not yet ventured into the creative culinary world of adding vegetables to our desserts.Yet, with help from one hidden vegetable ingredient, you could add a new depth of flavour to your after-dinner dishes. Sweet potato is a versatile vegetable that can give your desserts a delicious spin.

There are a number of easy and appetising ways you can use sweet potato in your dessert recipes. Much like pumpkin, which is used in many American Thanksgiving dessert recipes (and even comes mashed and pre-sweetened in a can), sweet potato forms a wonderful base for a variety of sweet treats.

When the weather cools, cravings for warming, hearty and satisfying desserts become more frequent – and this versatile vegetable might be just the trick to settle those grumbles. Its natural sweetness lends itself perfectly to many flavour pairings, including nuts, cinnamon and dates.

Keen to try adding this versatile vegetable to your desserts? Give the following dessert recipes a go.

  Get creative in the kitchen with these sweet potato dessert recipes …





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