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The ultimate winter cheeseboard

Unexpected guests, a housewarming party, weekend dinner parties: there is always a perfectly good excuse to devour a cheeseboard. There is something so comfy and cosy about having guests over during the winter months. A warm fire, a good red wine, a dinner menu full of scrumptious comfort food recipes and, most importantly, a winter cheeseboard to start an evening off sounds just about right.

There are really no boundaries to a good cheeseboard – but the essentials include a delicious selection of cheeses and seasonal fruit, which, in winter, fortunately features a tasty section of bites that pair swimmingly well with cheese. Some of these include pears, figs, grapes and strawberries. Also to include on your winter cheeseboard is a selection of nuts – for a bit of crunch – meats and crackers (or bread) to be your cheese-carrying vessel, and your favourite wine to serve with the cheeseboard.

When creating the ulimtate winter cheeseboard, you must remember that there needs to be a good balance of flavours and textures but also to have fun with it, and get creative.

Components you need for the ultimate winter cheeseboard 

This clever infographic, which you can find in our Winter Warmers Foodbook, lays out the perfect parings for your winter cheeseboard. The roasted cinnamon pear chips are a tasty alternative to crackers and pair beautifully with an array of flavoursome cheeses, red wine and grapes; and, if you wish try recreating this board, you could also add quince paste, dark chocolate and a selection of nuts. Your guests will absolutley be asking for more!


Roasted Cinnamon and Maple Pear Chips recipe to try 

These roasted pear cinnamon and maple pear chips will be a standout on your next cheeseboard. The pears add that delicious, spiced element  – and in all their seasonal glory, they should not be missed from your next winter cheeseboard.



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