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The traditional dessert making a comeback

Winter calls for oozy, decadent and comforting dessert dishes, such as a warming self-saucing pudding or an irresistible apple crumble. But, there is one dessert that has been making its way back up the charts. A traditional dessert that brings back fond memories for many: rice pudding!

Rice pudding has evolved since its genuis creation by the British. It’s a classic pudding and a very well-known dessert that can be enjoyed in its simplest form, or you can enjoy rice pudding with a variety of different flavours and ingredients added in to the mix.

Rice pudding is the ultimate comfort food and is also extremely versatile, which makes it a real winner when it comes to winter desserts. All you need for a basic rice pudding is rice (preferably arborio or basmati), whole milk, sugar and vanilla. These four simple ingredients make one decadent dish. Although, these days, many cultures have taken rice pudding and created their own scrumptious versions. In the Philippines, chocolate sticky rice is a staple; in Morocco a hint of cinnamon and orange are the signature additions to rice pudding; and in Portugal, they enjoy adding condensed milk to their puddings.

You really can do no wrong with rice pudding! Make a big dish of rice pudding and serve to the whole family, or even at your next dinner party – everyone will be asking for seconds!

The basic, universal rice pudding elements: 
  • Rice: short, medium, arborio or basmati; white, brown, or black
  • Liquid: whole milk, heavy cream, coconut milk, almond milk, water, evarportated milk, sweet condensed milk
  • Flavourings and spices: vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, almond, lemon, orange, pistachio, rosewater, chocolate
  • Sweetener: brown sugar, white sugar, honey, fruit, syrups
Rice pudding recipes to enjoy 

Make this delicious Salted Caramel Rice pudding using SunRice products and show your support to Foodbank’s Shop and Share campaign. This recipe certainly won’t disappoint.



Foodbank is a recipe partner of myfoodbook. This feature contains a mix of content from myfoodbook third party content partners and our own opinions. If you’d like to learn more about the FoodBank Shop & Share campaign, and how you can help to alleviate hunger for Australian’s in need, click here.

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