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Sweet potato wedges

The super health benefits of sweet potatoes

It’s no wonder that so many are swapping out white potatoes for their sweet, orange counterparts. This super veg boasts a high vitamin content and never fails to impress with it’s meal versatility.

You will probably be surprised to know, that despite the name – sweet potatoes don’t actually fit into the potato family. Confusing right? They are actually a root vegetable, which means less starch, more fibre and a lower carbohydrate contents.

These super facts have led to an increase in popularity in this favourite veg. So many Aussie families are now serving up sweet potatoes for dinner or simple lunches.

See the nutritional facts below and then check out our easy ways to cook sweet potatoes:

The super health benefits of sweet potatoes

Super nutritional facts about sweet potatoes

Baked, boiled, barbecued and even lightly fried! There are so many ways to cook this nutritionally rich veg. Here are a few basic tips, and tasty recipes to go with:


Simply peel and cut sweet potato into cubes. Boil in large saucepan until soft and tender. Using this method you can easily make sweet potato mash, puree or toss through a little butter to make a simple side.


Peel sweet potato, and cut into desired shapes (long strips for chips and wedges) or larger chunks, if desired. You can even  bake them whole.

When baked whole, they make a fantastic simple dinner. Just top with your favourite ingredients and you are ready to go.


When cut thinly, sweet potato works well on the BBQ. Brush lightly with olive oil and turn every so often until tender.


Sweet potato recipe ideas





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