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Roast chicken recipe

The secret to perfect roast chicken

A meal with all the good stuff! What’s better than a home cooked plate of roast with golden potatoes, veggies and flavoursome gravy to bring it all together. And when you manage to carefully load up your fork with a sample of each… Oh goodness the hunger is kicking in.

If someone were to ask us the five dishes that you should master as a home cook, then a great roast would be up there with a classic cake, a great mashed potato and and a tasty go-to salad!

While cooking a chook is relatively simple. There are a few fundamental tips you must know!

Our number one tip and the secret to perfect roast chicken – is to not overcook your chicken. I know it may seem obvious. But it’s often not achieved. In an attempt to have a chicken that is cooked throughly the whole way through, many end up with the opposite – dry, over-done chicken.

But there’s an easy fix… the meat thermometer. All hail the meat thermometer. If you thought this gadget was on the list of useless kitchen tools, then you were very wrong. It’s actually your secret weapon to juicy and tender roast chicken, turkey and red meat.

Five tips for the perfect roast chicken

1. Make sure to cook your chicken on a low oven rack

The key to evenly cooked chicken. This will encourage an even distribution of heat through your bird, which means that you won’t have dry sections of meat, with some that are still under.

2. Choose a quality bird

Bigger is not always best in this case. Choose a trusted brand and go for a chicken that is of moderate size. If it’s extra flavour your after, and marinating isn’t your thing, try a quality pre-marinated version like the one from Steggles.

3. Use a thermometer

Okay we touched on this before, but we will repeat. Go and buy yourselves a meat thermometer. A delicious roast will be your reward. All you have to do is test the chicken and wait for it to hit 75°C.

4. Rest the meat

Incredibly important to make sure that moisture stays in your roast and doesn’t spill when carved.

5. Use simple, good-quality seasoning ingredients

Use fresh herbs, and in-season produce for your stuffing to make sure it is full-of-flavour.

Perfect roast chicken recipes with matching sides

Spend quality-time with close friends and family over these delicious roast recipes. The matching sides are the perfect way to make a meal out of these ideas.





*DISCLAIMER: Steggles is a contributing recipe Partner at All opinions in this article are our own. For further information on Steggles’ range of products, visit the Steggles website.

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