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The greatest pressure facing home cooks today

Most of us have been there, you get home from work, you cook a delicious meal and more than half of it (if you’re lucky) gets left on the plate by the kids after they’ve pushed and poked at it a couple of times. Unsurprisingly that’s why recent research shows that 91 per cent of people with kids at home aim for empty plates when they cook dinner.

My kitchen goals

With all the cooking shows flaunting fabulously plated food, you would think that it would inform what the home cook is trying to achieve. However recent stats tell a different story. Only 2 percent of home cooks aim for a picture-perfect plate when making dinner.

In fact more than 70 per cent of people agreed that the key to a home-cooked meal being perfect is it tasting delicious. And who can blame them.

But for the home cook, overwhelmingly is the desire to achieve empty dinner plates and for all members of the family to be satisfied by the meal.

Dinner gets personal

If you’re looking to incentivise your family to eat everything on their plate, how about rewarding them with their own personalised plate. Perfect Italiano have a special offer for customers to create a Free personalised plate.

You can choose from 7 modern plate designs and lots of different colour combinations, as well as adding messages such as “Cooked specially for …” or “Extra cheese for …”. Perhaps a twist on that infamous Dirty Harry phrase is more your style: “Go ahead, melt my day …”

Here’s one we created

Half the fun of Perfect Italiano’s create a plate promotion is playing around with the designs and colours. Here’s where we landed when we tried it out. Which design will you go for?

If you’re looking for meals guaranteed to result in empty plates all round, try any one of these easy cheesy weeknight dinners:

*DISCLAIMER: Perfect Italiano is a contributing recipe Partner at This feature includes a mix of content sourced from Perfect Italiano and our own opinions. You can find out more about the full range of Perfect Italiano Cheese, here.

**Research was conducted through a survey to 600 respondents nationwide. 

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