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The easiest way to clean a dirty whisk

Whisks can be a tough kitchen item to clean.  We’ve all been there, trying to wedge soapy sponges between the tines, and still missing certain spots.

Even if you can put your whisk through the dishwasher, it’s still bound to come out with food residue stuck on.

But, there is actually a surprisingly simple way to thoroughly clean your whisk.

How to clean a dirty whisk 

Step 1: pour hot water into a large bowl and add about 2 tablespoons of soap to the water.

Step 2: stir the water and soap mixture, with your dirty whisk. Until the soap is dissolved and the mixture is nice and frothy.

Step 3: leave your whisk overnight to soak. The next day, you will find a sparkly whisk, with no more food particles attached.

Step 4: rinse the whisk with fresh clean water and set out on the counter to dry.


Whisks are the ultimate tool to blend dry ingredients, whip eggs and cream, so be sure to follow these steps after using your whisk.


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