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The Australian fruit Nigella Lawson is currently obsessing about

British Culinary queen Nigella Lawson is currently obsessed with a certain Australian ingredient she dubs ‘the way of the future’.

The 58-year-old says Finger Limes are like ‘caviar on the tongue’ and enjoys them with cold oysters.

”Just back from Down Under, and have to report that the Finger Lime is the way of the future! I’d eaten them before, some years ago, and they are native to Australia (citrus australasica) but on this visit I noticed them everywhere, and even saw them growing,’ says Nigella.

“They look like little brown sausage-fruits on the outside, but inside they are filled with beads that burst like lime caviar on the tongue. An ice cold oyster with finger lime is a sensation.”



For those not familiar with Finger Limes, this citrus fruit looks like a tiny wrinkled elongated lime and come in a variety of colours.

Nigella recommends the fruit mixed with ‘extra virgin olive oil and sea salt flakes in the empty belly of an avocado’ also likes to add them to her drinks, especially gin and tonics.

“Also excellent in a gin and tonic. I am hoping to be able to find them back home. I ordered a plant the minute I got off the plane, but I don’t rate my chances of growing them here!”

Finger Limes, who would have thought it.


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