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A must-try trending sweet potato recipe

Sometimes figuring out what to eat for lunch can get a little tedious, and you can find yourself repeating the same ideas over and over. And yet, there is no reason to be bored with your midday meal when there are so many delicious recipes to choose from. Take time out of your Sunday and plan your lunchtime meals for the week ahead; this will set you up for an easy eating week.

This sweet potato toast recipe with two different toppers is one to add to your lunchtime recipe repertoire, which will certainly spice up your lunchtime routine and kick your regular soggy sandwich to the curb. Choose from two scrumptious toppings: mashed avocado, chicken and aioli, or a tomato medley and balsamic glaze.

All you need to do is bake the sweet potato slices for 10-15 minutes then choose your toppings. Or, you can also cook your sweet potato toasts in a sandwich press between two sheets of baking paper for about five minutes, until browned and tender.

Sweet potato toast topper recipe to try 


*DISCLAIMER: Australian Sweet Potatoes are a contributing recipe Partner at myfoodbook.com.au. This article features content sourced from Australian Sweet Potatoes and our own opinions. For more information visit the Sweet Potatoes website.


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