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Stop what you’re doing and follow this new “Dogs in Food” Instagram account

These days our social feeds are full of seriously cute dogs and mouth-watering food. Well now you can get both together. A new Instagram account has surfaced called Dogs In Food, where you can enjoy cute little pooches photo shopped into your favourite foods.

According to The Daily Meal, The Dogs in Food Instagram account launched on December 21 2017 and has already amassed a following of 10,400 and you can even send your own picture of your dog in and they will photo shop your dog into food.

It doesn’t get much better than this page, it’s really cute and the food looks delicious.


This sweet little pooch blends right in to this delicious piece of carrot cake.



Didn’t even see that Sharpi in there. It blends perfectly into that river of chocolate.



This curly eared puppy looks just like a piece of popcorn chicken.



Who would off thought a French bulldog and a gyoza look so similar?



This darling labourer makes for a gorgeous looking eclair.

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