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Homemade Pizza Dough recipe

How to stop your pizza base from going soggy

Pizza night is the best night. Oh yes, we aren’t ashamed to admit that a night with some homemade pizza and good spot of telly is one of our favourite non-occasions.

You settle in for the night, get ready to dig in to your delicious dinner, only to realise that your pizza base has become one soggy mess. Your toppings aren’t sticking to your pizza and those golden crispy bits are just non-existent.

We’ve been there, and it’s actually a very common kitchen mistake to make with pizza. But, never fear, there are easy ways to combat this common pizza making mistake. From knowing which sauce and cheese to use, to ensuring that your oven temperature is very hot. Here are our top tips for a great pizza base:

Homemade Pizza Dough recipe

Pizza Dough – Perfect Italiano

6 tips for how to get a crispy pizza base 

1. Use a pizza stone or perforated pizza pan

You know when you make a perfect piece of crispy toast, pop it on a plate with some spread and all of a sudden it’s soggy? Well, the same thing happens with pizza. The moisture and heat can’t escape through the plate or in this case, pan, which causes a soggy result.

That’s why using a stone or a perforated pan with holes for the hot air to escape, will have a great effect on your pizza base.

2. Heat your stone or pizza pan before adding your pizza

Not only is this essential when using a pizza stone as it will crack if it’s put straight into a hot oven, but it also helps to keep your pizza at an essential high heat.  This is also the best way to get a good crispy base.

3.Why you need to use the right cheese for pizza

Use the wrong type of cheese on a pizza, and the result can really effect your pizza base. The best way to ensure that your cheese texture and flavour is balanced, is by using a blend of 3 cheeses. Mozzarella for that great cheese stretch, cheddar for a great cheese flavour and parmesan for sharpness. This also ensures that your cheese doesn’t become oily and add to the softness of your pizza base.

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4. Don’t overload your pizza with toppings

As the old saying goes, less is more. As a common rule of thumb, try not to overload your pizza with more than four ingredients. Be particularly considerate of ‘wet’ ingredients that are likely to produce moisture. This includes ingredients such as fresh tomatoes and zucchini.

5. Why your oven temperature needs to be hot for pizza

Pizza requires a very high oven temperature. So, be sure to let the oven pre-heat for longer than you would with any other cook. The best way to ensure your oven reaches it’s peak heat, is to buy an internal oven thermometer.

Only add your pizza, once the temp has reached its peak, and you will soon have the ideal crispy pizza crust.

6. Use a concentrated pizza sauce for pizza

There’s a good reason that we use concentrated tomato paste or passata for classic pizza sauce. This kind of sauce has the majority of the water content from the tomatoes removed.

The same applies when using a creamy sauce base or a ricotta pizza sauce base. Make sure to only use white sauce that has been thickened, and a smooth ricotta that doesn’t have any liquid in it.

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Pizza recipe ideas

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