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Stock you pantry with these items for successful 30 minute meals

A well stocked pantry can be your secret weapon to getting dinner on the table quickly. But you need to have the right ingredients to make this a reality. With a few pantry staples on hand, you’ll be equally prepared for quick family dinners or a last-minute dinner for friends.

These basic ingredients are used in most recipes and have a long shelf life, as a bonus, they’re usually inexpensive too – winning!

The list includes several basic items, with a few notable omissions. We’d like to think that most people will have the following on hand: salt, pepper, plain flour and sugar. Without these items, many 30 minute meals are doomed from the start, so if you’re just starting to build a pantry, make sure you always have these items as well.

Must-have pantry staples 

Canned beans

Beans are a great way to bulk up meals. They can be easily tossed into soups, salads or processed into different dips. They’re a hearty ingredient that will last a long time in your pantry.


Keeping a variety of oils on hand is important because a lot of recipes require different oils. Plus oil is usually the start to most meals when cooking. As a rule of thumb, include a good-quality olive oil, vegetable oil and perhaps an olive oil spray.

Canned tomatos 

Keeping canned tomatoes in the pantry allows for quick pasta sauces, meat dishes and soups.

Coconut milk

A can or two of creamy coconut milk can make any meat into a curry in a snap. Plus it’s great for making desserts such as rice pudding or dairy-free ice-cream.

Pasta and rice 

You can never go wrong with having dried pasta and rice on hand. Either make a great base for many family meals and can dressed up or down the way you like it.


Any kind of stock is very important to have on hand as it is one of the best ingredients for dinners. Great for soups, sauces, casseroles to name just a few meals made better with stock.


30 minute recipes to try 






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