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Family favourite Stir-Fry recipe

A stir-fry recipe has everything we love, packed into one healthy and filling dinner option! Protein, veg and a light sauce to bring it all together. Plus, this gem has a cook time of 10 minutes, which means more time for a little TV or a good book after dinner.

Before you get started with this delicious dinner idea, have a look at our frequently asked stir-fry questions:

Which oil should you use for frying in a stir fry?

Stir-frying involves bringing the wok up to a high temperature, which means that you need to use an oil with a high smoke point.

What does a high smoke point mean? The term refers to the highest, maximum cooking temperature that a specific oil can be used at. Once the oil goes past this point, volatile compounds release.

Choose refined oils like peanut oil (used in recipe), sunflower oil or avocado oil which all have smoke points above 200°C.

When should you add your vegetables to a stir-fry?

This depends on the veggies! It’s best to add crunchy veg like carrots, onions and capsicum just after you have seared your meat, versus adding vegetables that soften quickly like bok choy or mushrooms a few minutes before serving.

How to get your meat tender in a stir-fry

To avoid over-cooking your meat, remove it from the pan after seared (in the case of red meat) or just cooked through (white meat). Then, proceed with cooking your veggies and noodles and only add the meat back to the wok, a minute or two before serving.

Beef, Mushroom & Noodle Stir-Fry Recipe



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