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Spreadable gin is a thing… but there’s one catch

There’s a boozy new spread trending on the internet at the moment and you we’re desperate to get our hands on a jar.

Gin lovers will be pleased to know that you can now buy a spread featuring your favourite tipple.

Spreadable gin you might ask, whatever is that for? It’s actually a marmalade you can lather on your toast and enjoy like an exquisite preserve.

In just one sweep of a knife you can take your bland toast from hero to zero with this ingenious product from Firebox.

The site recommends you enjoy it with a cucumber sandwich and even promises it won’t give you a hangover as the alcohol is cooked off in the creation process.

They also say that you can bake with it or gooble it straight from the jar if you wish.

Don’t like marmalade? You can also buy gin jam from Pinkster which is made with fresh raspberries left over from the gin production.


So what’s the catch? Unfortunately these sites are UK based and don’t ship to Australia so we’ll have to beg any friends or family heading to the UK to bag us a bottle.

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